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What We Stand For

We stand for our Core Principles of equality, Justice for All, Direct Democracy, Fairness and Expansion of Opportunity. Peoples Voice wants to deliver a fairer and more prosperous society for the many, and not just the privileged few. Over the years, no one who has lived in Singapore can fail to recognise how the State has become ever more powerful and rich at the expense of the individual. Due to the PAP’s disastrous immigration, housing, CPF, jobs and healthcare policies, the State has become richer while the common man has become poorer. Many Singaporeans no longer feel that this country is their home or that they belong. The coming election will be the most crucial since our Nation’s independence. We need to regain our Country, our dignity, and our future, by restoring the balance of power in favor of the people. For Peoples Voice, it will always be about Putting People First and Making Singapore Our Home Again.

Speaking Out

Bread For All

Gandhi once said "There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread." The loaves of bread are offered to elderly and disabled residents during community visits. The Bread for All is funded by volunteers, members and donations from supporters. Kindly donate to help us fund our movement.

Join Us / Donate

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, in peoples voice we are transparent with out activities. As always we need manpower and funds to help our movement to grow. We need you help to make Singapore a better place. Your time, effort and donations will motivate us to cover more grounds.

Take Action!

You will know by now that Lim Tean our Party Leader is very vocal on behalf of the party. However, Peoples Voice is an entire party, contributing every day in order to bring positive changes to Singapore politics. We have adopted a myriad of avenues to get our message across the nation. We have already forced the PAP to back down on their 10million population plan, and we did that by amplifying the issue and forcing them to confront it head on and eventually u-turn on their own proposal. We are working hard to push through further changes right now, such as Abolish CECA and Access to CPF @ 55. We need your input, your energies in sharing, signing, contributing, posting, blogging, engaging, joining and expanding issues. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about the topics you can get involved with. You can be as loud and visual as Lim Tean or as anonymous and hidden as our back-end volunteers. To make the political changes we envisage requires all efforts. Whether you can contribute as an anonymous volunteer or in the spotlight on videos and walkabouts, your efforts will equally go a long way for Singapore.

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